About us
NACO Industrial Co is the most important Iranian Company in Designing & Producing Mortise Door Lock over its belongings with a wide range of Products and capabilities in hardware that integrated perfectly which has built in deeds on certain improvements
Established in 2012 as one of the Subsidiary’s Company of ABRI GROUP
Founder &Leadership
Mr. Aboulghasem ABRI lanjavani 
President and Chief Executive Officer


 Mortise Door lock Silent(LUX) Model

  • Switch Lock
  • Key Lock
  • Service Lock

 Mortise Door lock Security Model

  • Switch Lock

 Mortise Door lock Unique(Bearing) Model

  • Switch Lock
  • Key Lock
  • Service Lock

 Mortise Door lock Economy Model

  • Switch Lock
  • Key Lock
  • Service Lock
 150 employees
Quality Certificate 
The Company obtaining the world standard certificates ISO 9001-2008 in various fields
Pursuit of Excellence
Committed to innovation and continuous improvement of NACO people, processes and practices
Do what is right and deliver on our commitments to our shareowners, customers, communities and each other
Teamwork and Respect for Each Other
Achieve our full potential by valuing the contribution and uniqueness of each individual, while working together and maintaining balance in our lives
Web site 
Address: No.30, Canal Ab Shomali (Yadegar Imam) Street, Khatoon Abad, Khavaran Road 24th Km.Tehran, IRAN.
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Dept: +982133900095
  • Factory Office: +98213063921-5
  • Post Code: 33911-97648
  • Email: info@nacolock.com