In the high speed world of technology & competition, there are ever managers and leaders
that have achieved to the great things with their thought. They have created impressive
results in facing with their competitors by using their recognition, prediction and inherent
management power and due to their efforts and forming large and integrated organization,
not only caused livelihoods for people but also served to their country's prosperity.
  Perhaps these objectives lead to establishment of ABRI Industrial Group by Mr. Aboulghasem
Abri (Founder) in 1985; a complex that after 30 years operation is still considered as one of
the biggest and Powerful complexes of country.
  ABRI GROUP is a premier supplier of a broad range of Power & Manual Window Regulators to
the motor vehicle industry as the most important Iranian company in this industry.
The company serves Car manufacturers (OEM) and certain aftermarkets.
  Directors Senior of ABRI Industrial Group, after years of efforts & experiences in industry and
achieving high impressive results, are now succeeded to establish NACOLOCK Co in 2012 as
one of the Subsidiary's Firm of ABRI GROUP based on designing and producing Mortise Door
lock over its belongings with a wide range of products and capabilities in hardware that
integrate perfectly which has built in deeds on certain improvement.
  This industrial group has always focused on customer's satisfaction and has tried to
experience utilizing all available facilities. The products of this industrial group are being
exported to different countries around the world.
  The Company is aiming to capture bigger market segment worldwide by concentrating on
resent global production and economic situation